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My studio is also my private home. Modern, simple, and cozy. The apartment is designed for both functions and therefore a place of warmth and security. All rooms face south which means there is natural light throughout the day. With a big glass front up on the 4th floor, the daylight creates beautiful and natural photos.

There are lots of different possibilities and spots in each room for great images, with matching furniture and walls. To add to the atmosphere of being spoilt, you will get a glass of sparkling wine and snacks upon arrival which are included in the package.

sinnliche fotos boudoir fotografie münchen
sinnliche fotos boudoir fotografie münchen
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Client Closet

sinnliche fotos boudoir fotografie münchen


Where are the photos taken?


Will my pictures get published?


Your pictures only get published with your explicit permission. We chat with you individually to ensure that
we meet your full approval. In general, I’m grateful for every publishing permission as this is the best way new clients notice me and it’s an essential way to show off my work.

How does the procedere look like?



Do I need to get undressed completely?


I’m curvier than most,

is it possible for me to do a shoot like this?

Hell, yeah!!! Of course! I get lots of messages from curvy women who feel insecure. The image out there about perfect woman with 90-60-90 measurements makes people believe only skinny ones can do such a shoot. I would like to prove the opposite to you. In fact, the curvy movement is growing, a curvy woman was shown on the playboy cover recently and I’m excited about that. We can do a lot with shadow, light, accessories and posing, so no body shape is a problem. Your personal magnetism is way more important!


Upon booking, payment for the package is due and non-refundable. This condition is necessary, and you have to be commited you want to make the appointment. To postpone your appointment is possible if you have severe reasons like illness. Otherwise there will be extra charge for a new date.